About us

Hydraulic hammers and tools for mining, construction and demolition companies

We sell, rent out and service machines for material breaking, excavation, demolition and material processing. We offer services to companies of all sizes, from small construction and demolition businesses to large mining companies.

As your collaboration partner, we help you select a suitable product and ensure that your machine performs to its full potential. Our maintenance and spare parts service delivers spare parts quickly and efficiently anywhere in Finland.

Almost 40 years of experience of the field

Turnover in 2019: 23 million euros

3,500 Rammer hydraulic hammers delivered

Extensive high-quality product range

We sell, rent out and service Rammer hydraulic hammers. We also supply VTN tools for material processing and demolition work. We are proud to be one of the most trusted and best-known operators in the sector!

We offer the solution, whatever you need!

Our collaboration with you is based on an agile partnership and a thorough understanding of your needs. Whether you need the equipment occasionally or on a regular basis, we can help you select a suitable product and ensure that your machine performs to its full potential at all stages of its service life. We offer the solution, whatever you need!

Professional and skilled maintenance

Our maintenance and spare parts service is known for its strong expertise and professionalism. We always respond rapidly, ensuring that your project remains on schedule. In addition to our maintenance service based in Lahti, you can contact our partners located across Finland for maintenance services.

Quality and safety at the heart of our operations

We have an uncompromising attitude to the high quality of our operations and the promotion of safety in the sector. Our maintenance service has been awarded the Rammer Service Excellence certificate. We also take active measures to protect the environment. The recycling process of our products is 100% traceable.

Part of the international Marakon Group

Marakon Oy, which operates in Finland, is part of the international Marakon Group. The other company in the group is Rambooms, which is a global leader in the boom sector, exporting its products to every continent. Our mission is to help our customers boost their productivity and to promote safe operations in the sector.


40 professionals

Location: Lahti

Our maintenance service is Rammer Service Excellence-certified


Marakon offers a wide range of tasks for professionals with different training backgrounds. If you cannot find a suitable position among our vacancies, let us know what kind of work you are interested in and send an open application to rekry@marakon.fi.


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