ShearCore Fortress Concrete Processors

Top quality attachment for professional demolition work

Fortress concrete processors are designed for massive and professional demolition work and are suitable for both first and second phase demolition work. The equipment is designed and manufactured by American ShearCore, who has transferred its many years of experience in the manufacturing of steel cutters to demolition equipment as well.

Fortress attachment are known for their high quality: the products are strong, durable and they have a long service life. Maintenance is easy, as the blade can be changed quickly and there are only few welded parts in the equipment.
Fortress concrete processors are seamlessly compatible with OilQuick quick coupler. The combination allows you to change between application specific attachments safely and in just a few minutes.

Seamless compatibility with OilQuick quick coupler

During professional demolition work, the working tools must be changed frequently. Fortress concrete processors are designed to be fully compatible with the OilQuick automatic quick coupler, allowing the hydraulic attachment to be changed quickly and effortlessly from the cabin. Using OilQuick increases productivity and improves driver comfort and safety.

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