Maintenance and spare parts

24-hour maintenance guarantee for Rammer products

Our maintenance and spare parts service is well-known for its high quality. Our team is based on Yrittäjänkatu in Lahti, where we service and repair machines by any manufacturer. When necessary, we will fix Rammer products within 24 hours of receiving your request. Our skilled maintenance team was awarded the Rammer Service Excellence certificate in 2019.

Quick and efficient spare parts deliveries for Rammer and VNT devices

We offer quick and efficient spare parts deliveries for Rammer products and VNT’s demolition machines: typically we deliver the parts to you within two days of receiving your request. Authentic Rammer and VNT parts guarantee that your machines retain their durability and productivity. The parts are made to the manufacturer’s original dimensions and specifications using the latest technology. The correct hardness levels for the blades and other parts are determined on the basis of the heat treatment and manufacturing expertise the company has accumulated over decades.

Greasing of the hydraulic hammer blade


The greasing of the hydraulic hammer blade is an important part of the daily maintenance routine. The service life of the blades and sleeves can be extended and maintenance costs reduced with appropriate greasing. Rammer grease is available for manual and automatic greasing devices.

We offer maintenance services across Finland

In addition to our maintenance service based in Lahti, you can contact our authorised partners located across Finland for maintenance services.

Maintenance partners

Kuopion Konehuolto Oy
Mestarinkatu 6
70700 KUOPIO
Tel. 044 367 4887

Mekaner Oy
Oritkarintie 1
90400 OULU
Tel. 040 700 9425 or 040 518 3868

Konehuolto Oikarinen Oy
Takojankatu 16
Tel. 020 7120 320

Timo Marttila Ky
Yrittäjäntie 3
Tel. 0400 264 640

Heavy-Sepät Oy
Perkkoonkatu 11
Tel. 045 612 6930 or 040 084 7992

Tekmep Oy
Tuulissuontie 8
21420 LIETO
Tel. 050 449 8701