Marakon signs a distributor contract with a battery energy storage company xelectrix Power

Marakon signs a distributor contract with a battery energy storage company xelectrix Power


Marakon Group has signed a distributor contract with an Austrian battery energy storage company xelectrix Power GmbH. The agreement includes the sales and marketing of xelectrix Power’s entire product offering in Finland. With this agreement Marakon, who is more known as a supplier and service partner for hydraulic attachments, will enter a new era with a product offering that supports electrically powered equipment.

”Electric-powered construction equipment is becoming more popular and we want to be part of this growth. With energy-storing battery solutions, we will also actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the civil engineering sector,” says Kaj Koskela, CEO of Marakon Group.

xelectrix Power was founded in 2016. The founders had previously manufactured stone crushers and screens under the brand called Hartl. Now their core competence is the scalable, robust, and flexible way to hybridize diesel generators that were originally used to power Hartl Solutions’ current range of products that are specializing in Concrete Tie Recycling. Today, the products cover multiple battery energy storage applications.

”We are extremely pleased to have Marakon as our distributor in Finland. With their 40 years of experience in construction, mining, and aggregate industries, they are the best partner for our products in Finland. Together we will be able to offer real cost savings to our customers and help them to achieve massive CO2 emission reductions”, says Dominik Hartl, CEO of xelectrix Power GmbH.

Thanks to hybridization, the size of the diesel generator can be reduced

In crushing and screening processes, the output of the electrical current is usually handled by diesel generators whose efficiency can be improved by the so-called hybridization method.

”Hybridization means that in addition to the generator, power is also produced from the X-Power energy storage battery system, which allows the size of the diesel generator to be cut in half. This leads to smaller fuel consumption, that again reduces operating costs and CO2 emissions”, continues Kaj Koskela, CEO of Marakon Group.

The X-Power battery system can also be widely applied outside the civil engineering sector. For example, it can be used in large events to charge electric cars if the power grid is not available or it would be too expensive to connect.

The xelectrix Power product selection will be available at Marakon from January 2021 onwards. The size of the X-Power battery systems is compact, and they are easy to transport even to more challenging working areas.

More information:

Kaj Koskela, CEO, Marakon Group, tel. 040 847 4080



The battery energy storage company xelectrix Power GmbH was grounded in 2016 by brothers Alexander and Dominik Hartl and Christian Deutschbauer. The initial idea of Hybrization of diesel generators was born out of first-hand experience that diesel generators are often operating very uneconomically and increasing operating costs dramatically. This led to the concept and subsequent production of Energy Storage Systems that leads to fuel reduction, maintenance cost savings and emissions reduction. The product has now developed to provide solution in both on- and off- Grid industries.